Quick Update

I was able to give the green beanie to the father of the girl I made it for. I hope to meet their whole family on Thursday.

I started making one of those floral beanie hats today. It's orange and white. I only got the center done because our schedule was a little hectic today. Crocheting is so relaxing. Who invented this craft? Genius.

My daily log of trip events will be on my other blog. Feel free to check it out if you wish.


  1. I agree with you whoever invented crochet was a genius!


    I'm glad you have been able to post.

  2. I agree with you about the genius thing! :)

    I was laughing about what you wrote about your journey in the car with your family. It is so true about it being a southern thing! And having home cooked things to munch on instead of stopping for a bite. That brings back memories.

    Have fun dear! :)

  3. Oh Libs! the hat from the previous post is just so pretty!!! you made up the pattern, if I recall correctly, right?

    I loved family travels, and every now and then arguing about the best route, and the home made cookies and stuff we always brought along (once all six of us drove all the way from our hometown to Orlando, Fla. FOUR DAY DRIVE each way...FUN!!!!)... sigh!!!! hope you have a great trip! keep on hooking!

    And yes, whoever invented crochet was indeed a genious!

  4. I also agree, about the genius part! Crochet is an amazingly RELAXING hobby. I hope I don't ever get bored with it. But I'm encouraged as many have been doing this craft for YEARS and still LOVE it.



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