On the Road Again

Today I spent my day with my friends because one of them is going to visit his home country and I was helping them at the airport. We got there really early to make him comfortable, especially because he forgets his English when he gets nervous and he only has flown one time before and that is when he came to the U.S., so his wife and I waited and chatted with him on the phone until we felt that he was comfortable with us leaving.

In that time, I occupied myself with looking at all the travelers and trying to guess where they might be going or where they were coming from based on their clothing fashions AND I crocheted. I am posting this picture to be an encouragement to Alhana since she recently crocheted something outside of her home. :-) I did see people looking but I think more because they were interested in what I was doing. My friend and I would laugh each time the announcer at the airport told travelers to report any strange behavior to the police there. My friend told me to be on guard in case someone reported me to the police for my strange behavior! LOL

Anyways, this is for Alhana:

You can do it! :-)

And in the time I spent crocheting on the way to the airport, in the airport, on the way back and a little in my home, I was able to finish one of the lapghans. ¡Viva Mexico!

For Jonathan


  1. Hi Lib:

    I know isn't odd how they make these anouncements....on my way to NC it seemed like every 10 mins they made an anoucement if anyone sees anyone who look strange......I was sitting there thinking what has this world come to....!
    Great lapghan I did the same thing while at the airport...I take my crochet everywhere.......

    Hey that's a great pic of you.

    I am almost done with my son's gf afghan....lavendar and purple.

    Take care!

  2. I always take some crochet everywhere I go, it is amazing how much you can get done with 5-10 minutes. Wonderful afghan!

  3. I used to take my crochet work with me everywhere, with Lucas now I haven't done it so much because he already keeps me busy enough... LOL
    Very nice picture of you!


  4. Nice job on the lapghan. I'm always taking something with me to work on, just in case. :) You've been very busy lately! :)

  5. Thank you for encouraging me!!

    I took my hooks with me to the hospital for the weekend again and I felt more comfortable than before. All people visiting the room stared at me and asked what was I doing, even the man in the neighbour bed was watching me carefully. I guess crafting in public in Spain is a strange behaviour! But nobody reported me to the nurses ;-)

    Next time I'll go public for real, I'm planning to crochet in the train!

  6. VIVA MEXICO!!!! nice afghan, Libby!!! I'm glad you had such a great time crocheting away despite stares, lol! I almost don't want to crochet in public anymore because added to the fact that I'm a leeetle over my "ideal" weight, EVERYONE asumes that I'm pregnant! lol!


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