Oh What a Day It Was

No, I still don't have my computer. Today I had an appointment at an African Braid Shop. I am so glad that I brought my yarns and hooks because it took quite a while for this style. I promise I'll show pictures, but until then you might have to google this if you're unfamiliar with the style. I got some kinky twists today. They are longer than I wanted, but I will play with it and find ways to utilize these long ropes. :-)

I was at the shop a little before 10 (because I had a 10:00 appointment) but the stylist thought my appointment was at 11. So I crafted. I got to my convenient stopping place, not by choice, but because I ran out of yarn - again. For all the hours I was getting my hair done, I crocheted and crocheted until the bag of yarn had diminished and I had crocheted all I could m either because I needed more yarn or because I had to stop because I was at the place to line the objects.

After I left the shop, I was excited to go to Joann's to see if I could find particular skeins to finish said projects and I was sorely disappointed. Not only did this Joann's not have what I needed to finish my crochet projects, but I couldn't even find the fabric of my choice in there. There was a certain look I was going for. I think I'll just find something out of my fabric stash at home. So I walked out of Joann's swinging a nearly empty bag, but I did use that 40% off coupon.

I'm at my parents' again and heading home. If I have any more energy, I will see if I can finish or at least work more on these projects because I don't like having multiple WIPs. It does something to my brain. lol

Hope your day was great! Tomorrow I'll call and check on my computer again.


  1. I can't wait to see your hair and the things you have benn crocheting!

  2. Having too many WIPs isn't a good idea, you'll end procrastinating -I know what I am talking about...

    Please, do show us a picture! I'm totally unfamiliar with African hairstyles, my hair is too straight for them ;-)

  3. Oh don't cha just want to scream when you go to Joanns and you they are out of the yarn you need to finish your project. I have to go to Joanns today for the same reason crossing my fingers that they have the mircrspun color I need to finish my Phannie hat...two rows left !

    Can't wait to see your hair!

  4. I can't wait to see how your hair turned out. I can't imagine though sitting for so long just to have my hair braided. Good thing you brought something to work on.

    I get miffed when I can't find the yarn I need to finish a project. It has happened a few times. Now I try to buy at least one skein extra than what I need and then I have something for my scrap bag. Just more colors to add for a great scrap blanket!

    Have a great day Libby!

  5. Looking forward to seeing the new do! Being without your computer is almost as bad as being without a car or cell phone!! Horrible!


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