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Ayer fui al restuarante Peruana se llama "Machu Picchu" con unos amigos peruanas. El resturante es llamada "Machu Picchu" despues del montaña "Machu Picchu" en Peru. Para aprender sobre el montaña famosa, va aquí.

Yesterday I went to the Peruvian restaurant called "Machu Picchu" with some Peruvian friends. The restaurant is called "Machu Picchu" after the mountain "Machu Picchu" en Peru. To learn more about this famous mountain, click here.

Al restaurante, mis amigos pedieron bastante alimientas por 6 or 7 personas, pero había solamente 3 personas - ellos y mi. Agradecidamente, compartimos cada plato y ellos comenzaron rapído, pero comencé mas despacio. :-)

At the restaurant, my friends ordered enough food for 6 or 7 people, but there were only 3 peope - them and me. Thankfully we shared each plate and they ate fast, but I ate slowly. :-)

Estos son los platos que mis amigos pidieron:
These are the dishes that my friends ordered:

Maíz tostados (concha)
Toasted corn

Papa a la huancaína
Potatoes a la huancaína (this does not translate well; it is a traditional dish)

Anticuchos de corazon de res
Beef hearts kebab

Papa relleno
Stuffed potato

Caldo de gallina
Hen soup

(Marinated raw fish dish)

Chicaron de pollo con papas fritas
Fried chicken strips with fries
Yo olvidé a tomar el foto.
I forgot to take the photo.

Pudin de pan
Bread pudding

Y para beber, chicha morada
And for the drink, chicha morada. (It's a drink made from blue corn.)

La comida estuvieron muy rico, pero ¡estuvieron mucho!
The food was very tasty, but it was a lot!

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