A Little Pick-Me-Up

No, I don't have my computer back yet, I just borrowed this one to check in on you all! I just couldn't resist it. I'll admit it, I've been a little down lately and I missed you all terribly so it was such a pleasant surprise to know that I won two blogger awards and a giveaway in my absence.

Before I comply to the rules of the award, I'll give you a brief update of what I've been doing this past week or so:

1. Cleaning the house.
2. Helping a friend move temporarily for the summer.
3. Cleaning the house.
4. Not using the computer.
5. Crocheting - still working on the mystery project, finished one part to one of the traveling scarves that I have and mailed it this morning, half finished with the other traveling scarf that I have, organizing patterns and yarn.
6. Did I mention, cleaning the house? :-)
7. Then, there's that other big project that you'll have to wait and hear about later. Don't you just love it when I do that! :-D

Now to the blogger award. Thank you Gloria and Kar for thinking of me.

The rules with this award are to:
1) List 7 things you love.
2) Link back to the person who gave you the award.
3) Pass it along to 7 other bloggers

7 Things I Love:
  • My family (even though I should let them know more often how much I love them)
  • My friends (face-to-face and online)
  • Good conversation
  • Home cooked meals
  • Peace & Quiet
  • A good movie
  • Arts and Crafts (this includes, but is not limited to - photography and of course, CROCHET!)

I'm passing this award, in no particular order, to:

  1. Alhana
  2. Ashley
  3. Gwen
  4. The Fairy Glade
  5. CT
  6. Marce
  7. Miss Liz


I know it was the computer who generated my win, but I still wanted to thank CT for such an amazing giveaway. I will contact you via email regarding whatever you need for this prize. My fabric awaits! :-D


Well, all, if you're reading this latter part of this post, you sure are loyal to this blog. I know it was a really long post, but I don't know when I'll be able to post more. We're going to visit my brother this week. It's a 14 drive from here! But, I'll be glad because I haven't seen him since Christmas and I miss him. Please pray for our safe travels.



  1. I missed you and I'm glad you were able to post.
    Have a safe trip and enjoy your brother!

  2. You've been busy! I bet your house is grateful for that ;-)
    I've missed you too. Have a good time with your brother, we'll be waiting here for you patiently.
    Thank you very much for the award!

    ps: no, I don't think I love when you do that, I want to know! :-D

  3. Hi Libby have just left a comment for Gwen and explained that I have a terrible head cold at the moment. I really am thrilled to receive this award from you also, but at present I feel so bad that I can't do anything much at all. Have logged on quickly for a bit of a boost as I am feeling a bit down right now. Hope you have a lovely time away and I love the beanie. Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon. Dev x


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