Knit Project Complete (well, almost)

Tonight I finished working on the knitted sunglasses case from the teen knitting kit I've had for a little while now. This marks my third completed knit project. The only thing else left to do is to line this since the yarn is kind of rough.

Any tips on sewing together knitted items? It seems different from crocheting.


  1. It's the same for knitted items, I -or should I say my mother?- sew pieces together with whip stitch. Check this link:

    You did a great job!

  2. @ Alhana - thanks and thanks for the link. I did the whip stitch but I will practice making it less obvious. :-)

  3. Hi Libby
    I've found your blog via Alhana and just wanted to say Hi, I love your crochet, I crocheted for the first time on the train last week, a couple people gave me weird looks! he he!!
    hope you didn't mind me stopping by, felicity xx

  4. It looks good! nice work!!!
    LOL! my verification word today is funny: hyptized! what would it mean? you are hip-hypnotized??? gosh!


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