I'm Back!

I'm back from my Valnice's house. I have many bags of yarns that I brought home with me. I basically took everything and I will resort later because I was told that whatever I didn't take would go into the..dare I say it...garbage! The friend from work that I brought with me, helped me bag the yarns according to texture. Later, after school ends, I will sort more specifically than that. Plus, I want to clean it. Can you wash the yarns before making things? Tips please because I would like to do that since the lady had a cat in her home and some of the yarns have been packed away for a while although they still are in good use.

Many of the yarns were new skeins and the leftovers were rolled into tiny balls and secured with a rubber band. There were so many WIPs that I came across, still with the hooks in the items. It was sad because as we dug through the bins of yarn and projects, we could tell that the mother's mind was degenerating. We went from beautifully crafted garments to long chains of yarn that it looked like a beginner had stitched. That part was really sad.

Valnice and her husband said that they still have more items to go through and that his mother had lots of crafting books too that I could have.

What is this? A new calling in life?


  1. Oh! I'm so envious! and happy for you!!!!!!!!
    Perhaps you can go about washing them following the advice of Laughing Purple Goldfish?


  2. Hi Lib:

    Here is a link that gives you step by step instructions on washing yarn. I hope this helps!

    I am so happy for you that you got all that wonderful yarn and thread. Have a ball...no punt intended....lol
    I use tennis balls to wrap my yarn around, you may want to do that if you plan on washing yarn. May I make a suggestion "wash only as you use" and buy yourself one of those nylon bags to put it in you don't want to wash it loose it can damage wash machine. You probably already know that, don't mind me it just me "mothering" again.

  3. Thanks, CT. I checked out that blog. It's really a neat one. I saw a post about washing in something similar to what we call Woolite here. That is a project for later....

    Thanks, Gloria. I don't mind you mothering. And I hadn't thought of the lingerie bag. Washing only as used sounds like a very organized plan. I bought a couple of drawers from Big Lots today to help sort these things later, but only cleaned yarns will go in there.

  4. that is awesome!
    you are for sure a lucky girl!
    you asked me about Brazilian threads the other day, well, the ones I get there are softer and the colors are brighter - just what I love!

  5. I forgot to tell you how jealous I am of the canjica!
    I haven't eaten canjica forever!!!
    It reminds me of my grandma...
    oh boy... I must go to Brazil!


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