I'm Back!

Just letting you know that I'm back home safely. My dad drove almost the whole way back home. I drove about the last 3 hours or so. Between napping I made one side of a purse which I will frog because something is not quite right. :- I also made a wash cloth. I was on the last round in one of the contrasting colors and....ran out of yarn when I was about 3 stitches away from being completed!!!!! This was a yarn color left over from a previous project that I was just trying to use it up. I have a hair appointment at an African braid shop on Tuesday so I plan to go to the Joann's there and pray that they have this particular yarn. I had purchased it from the Joann's online.

While in Michigan I had the pleasure of walking into a Joann's superstore. Here in NC I think we only have the smaller stores. The smaller stores don't have as big of a selection and they don't offer the crafting/sewing classes. Anyways, I went there to activate my teacher discount card I had received in the mail. While there I perused the yarn selection with my mouth wide open because I've never seen many of the colors that were available from the yarn companies I had heard of. I purchased 4 unusual skeins of yarn for a particular project and some wooden purse handles. That's all, I promise. They were on sale and I had a coupon for 20% the total purchase...

I hope to have my computer back the first of next week. That way I can catch up on your blogs and post pictures!

FYI: Misty is now wearing the "clown fish" floral beret hat and she likes it! :-D


  1. LOL! clown fish beret! lol!

    glad you made it back safely, Libs! I'm having a case of the greens (envy!!!!) with you guys having stores like JoAnn's... lol! glad you had a great time!

  2. I'm envious too! Do you know the only yarn available at our very-small stores only located in big cities? Acrylic and... more acrylic!!
    Hope you can find that skein you need. Only 3 stitches away :-(

    And Yay! for Misty, the lucky girl with the clownfish beret on!

  3. I am glad to know you made it back safely.
    Hope you find the yarn you need, I hate when that happens... and it's funny, but it happens way too often with me.

  4. Glad to hear the trip home was a good one.

    I know what you mean about the smaller stores vs. the bigger ones. We had several of the smaller ones here in our area and then a huge store went out of business, JoAnn's bought the place and combined two of the smaller ones to make a huge superstore. Awesome. Glenn gets scared when we walk in there. LOL!!!

  5. glad you made it back home safely Libby. Hope you find the matching yarn to finish your project-and isn't shopping in the big city stores so much fun-so many choices!

    take care (:


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