Hip Hip Hooray!

YES! Last night, while watching "Bring it on, all or nothing" for the umpteenth time, I finished my last beanie for a while (maybe). This one was for Quez.

Then I decided to pack up all of the finished objects (FOs) that I have made which have been sitting on the dresser. (I finally purchased a storage bin from Big Lots on yesterday). If it hadn't been for you all with your fabulous projects and encouragement, I know that I would still be sitting around crocheting baby blankets! Now I know that there's more to crochet than baby blankets. LOL!

I looked over the patterns for the next couple of projects and I decided to do a V-stitch blanket for at least one of the lapghans. I'm just trying to see which one I should start first, the lapghan or the gloves. Hummm....


  1. WOW! That's a LOT of FO's!!!!!!!!!

    Gosh, I reaally have to take a page of your book. By, I'm off to crochet now... sigh, if only! lol!!!!

    the beanie looks great!

  2. I'll start the gloves first since you're not used to that pattern and it will be harder. I bet you can crochet afghans with your eyes closed now ;-)

  3. wow! I agree with CT, you've got ALOT of FOs!! But then again, if I had all mine in one place there'd be a lot too... but maybe not that many =-) I bet you could crochet a beanie in your sleep right about now?! Good job on finishing them all! They look great!

  4. Lib I am curious what do you plan to do with all your finished items?

    You reminded me that I need to buy a few bins today. Hubster built shelves in the basement going down the walls and I need smaller bins to transfer stash in, I have the larges one and they don't fit.

    Nice hat and I would start the gloves first, they are quicker thand the lapghan.


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