A Different Day 1

After our trip to Michigan and eating that commercial food, my aunt decided that she would go on a 5-day semi "detox" of her own making. She asked if anyone wanted to try it with her and of course I was like, "sure, count me in." So today I am at another Day 1. We decided to give up meat, bread, and sweets. (*Note: Sweets, not sugar. Sweets being defined as unnecessary dessert-like items; i.e. candy, cake, ice cream...)

Things like this take preparation; preparation that I didn't really have time for so I'm having to "wing" this "detox" program.

Day 1: I started the morning with 12 oz. of warm water and the juice of one organic lemon. (I read online that this helps detox the liver and aids in cleansing the intestines.) Then I took an acidophilous tablet. This will help the good bacteria.

Since I left my refrigerator bare before our trip, I didn't have much to grab for breakfast, so I was left to eat the rest of the hash rounds I made on yesterday. They were lightly seasoned with herbes de provence. I also ate a banana and drank more water.

For lunch I had a tossed salad, without the crackers and croutons, and more water. Now I must start preparing something for dinner. Maybe some sort of brown rice and beans dish, more water, and some green tea.

Tomorrow I'm going out of town and I plan to get some fava beans and a few other grains that I can't find around here. Then maybe I can whip up something better for the remaining four days.


  1. Good luck on your detox! Sweets are the hardest thing for me to give up!

  2. I can't imagine having to give up my sweets. You have really strong will power.


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