Day 4: Bringing it to a Close

This morning my mom, aunt, cousin, and I set out on our own to tour the house that Frank Lloyd Wright designed, which was beautiful! I had the pleasure of driving in this city that has its own style of driving. The Michigan left which really is a U-turn on a street further down. The flashing red light that you can turn left on. The other red light that doesn't flash where you can turn left on. And the red light that doesn't flash that you can't turn left on. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. What's up with that?

Well thanks to "Mandy" the talking voice on the GPS that we borrowed helped to lead us to our destinations. The Mayer May house, which was a FLW design was beautiful. We watched a film about the making and restoration of the home, then we were led on a guided tour.

After touring the home, we went to the Gerald Ford Museum. I learned a lot about the president that doesn't get much credit. Again, that visit began with a movie and then we toured upstairs. There was much to behold.

Being on a very tight schedule, we made our way back to the hotel in just enough time to take a 4 minute nap (yeah right) and get dressed for a church service that my dad was preaching at. Before the service we met some friends of my brother and then went to the service which was really great. The people were so warm and the message was timely - "Ezekiel and the dry bones."

We made it back to the hotel safely, with our bucket of chicken my dad felt compelled to get on the way back from church. We plan to leave in the early morning to drive back home so we must get a good night's sleep.

We've been rushed each day it seems, but I have really enjoyed this trip. I only wish we could have videotaped our travel with all the crazy happenings so we could have marketed it. It could have been another version of "The Johnson's Family Vacation" only with us as the stars!



  1. Oh oh oh I know that house!! From a FLW book, of course, but it IS beautiful! Oh, I envy you a lot! :-D

    Take care and have a safe trip, The Other Johnson's Family!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a fun time! I would watch that video if you would have made one. I'm sure it would be hilarious. :)



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