Day 3: All Around the Town

First off, my brother took the day off of work to be with us. We started the morning with a natural walk on a trail on the campus of Calvin College. Then we toured some of the buildings on campus with my brother. We had the opportunity to meet many administrators and fellow students that my brother has befriended. They were all so welcoming. It made me feel glad to know that he had a support system on campus since he's so far away from family.
After touring the campus, my brother drove us through some really ritzy neighborhoods so we could get a glimpse of the beautiful homes there. One thing we observed about those neighborhoods was that there was no house that was similar to the next. Each home had it's own personality and they were fabulously designed. Where I grew up, all the homes on the street were the same design but in reverse, meaning that the house next door was just like yours but their car port was on the left whereas yours might be on the right. So original, huh?
We stopped by some rib and chicken places. We even went to a restaurant where the drink on the menu was different flavors of Kool-Aid. When was the last time I had Kool-Aid? Gee.
Nap time.
Then it was time to prepare to have dinner with my brother's new friend. I think the parents had to check her out. lol I won't blog more about that. Dinner was great though. Here's my order:

After coming in, I finished crocheting a hat I started on yesterday. Tomorrow I look for to the Frank Lloyd Wright house and a visit at the Gerald Ford museum. Then we will attend a night church service. More about those things tomorrow.
Nighty Night!


  1. Girl I lived in brooklyn, trust me the bricks and the roaches look the same as everyone elses in the neighbor- hood! Kool-aid I haven't had it in a long time but truth be told I like those sweet drinks, lemonade....yes I do!


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