Day 2

Let me first say that last night I didn't do the rice and beans dish, but I did make a quick Mexican corn soup. It basically consisted of hominy, tomatoes, cilantro, and cumin. I also had some cabbage. I had a headache last night and I know it was because I didn't have enough food, but the rest of the week should be better because I have some plans.

This morning, I drank my warm water with lemon juice. And of course my acidophilous. Then for breakfast I had oatmeal and a banana. The oatmeal was really good and it helped keep my appetite for much longer throughout the day.

Because I was in the braid shop for so long the rest of my day was topsy turvy but I did snack on some oat bran cereal and had some orange juice and water.

For dinner I had a rather large portion of black beans and rice. The rice had carrots and peas in it. It was good. Now that I'm almost home, I can drink my green tea and prepare for tomorrow. I got my fava beans today. :-)

More than anything, this 5-day process is a battle of the mind. The interesting thing is that the meat has been the easiest to forget about, and although I don't usually eat a lot of bread, without the meat my mind tends to wander to the bread group, but I can't have that either. This definitely calls for creative cooking.

2 days down and 3 more to go!

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