Day 2: Checking Out the City

This morning we enjoyed a continental breakfast at the hotel. I've always known "continental" breakfasts to be mostly things that don't need to be heated like bagels, muffins, etc., but here it also consisted of eggs, sausage, and waffles. It was very good.

Then, as most Southerners do, we met someone who recently relocated from Raleigh (our capital city) to Grand Rapids, so of course we all had to "catch up" with a perfect stranger. Like I said, as most Southerners do.

After that extensive conversation, all of us, except my dad went to a Frank Lloyd Wright house. It closed right before we got there, but we checked out the exterior. Fascinating. Hopefully we can go back on Thursday when it reopens and check out the interior. My mom who is fascinated with all things historical will see to it that we do. :-)

Missing the house exhibit led us into a tour of the downtown part of the city and seeing the church my brother attends up here. We had a jam session at church with my brother on the organ, my aunt, sometimes my cousin, and me on the tambourines, and my family singing our songs. And let me be the first to admit that we are not professionals, even though a few family members sang with such gusto and felt such spirit with every note. lol

After a much needed nap, we went back to my brother's church for a Prayer & Bible Band service - something similar to Sunday School but it's mostly women because it is hosted by the women's auxillary. I think maybe three men were there. It was a nice service and I'm glad to meet many of the people that my brother has been mentioning over the past two years.

A really nice ice cream treat from Culver's topped the evening and we all promised to go to bed earlier because tomorrow is going to be really packed. It starts with a nature trail walk so I'm charging my camera batteries now. :-)

* I promise to upload some pictures but it's difficult without having my camera software on this computer.



  1. *excited* A F. L. Wright's house!! Oh, please take a picture if you're allowed to do it! He was a genius! You're so lucky to be able to visit it :-D

    I like your South way of life. Somehow it doesn't feel very different to our Spanish way.

    Have fun tomorrow!!


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