Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Today was the big party!

1. My mom came and allowed kids to win books that she had been collecting. They drew numbers and as their number was called, they could win a book of their choice. (This is what former librarians do.) :-)

2. We danced to disco music.

3. We played board games and UNO.

4. We crocheted.

5. We ate. My mom and one of the parents served the food. I always let them eat on the floor - picnic style.

6. We broke the piƱata and grabbed all the good candy!

7. We ate ice cream.

8. We visited the middle school (still in our costumes). Yes, we got stares but as I was still in my wig, no one bothered the kids.

9. We sighed because the day was over.

10. We went home. :-)

It was a good, festive day. When I left work I had to run errands before 5:00, so I still had on my costume and wig and I heard many kids saying, "Mommy, look!"

Guess what? Tomorrow I dress in 80s fashions for Field Day. The teachers picked a card and whatever the card said, that was the way you have to dress. I already have my orange stockings and silver shoes laid out....


  1. Love the wig Libby! Looks like everyone had fun. :)
    You must share pics of you dressed in the 80's. You wouldn't want to see me in some of the things I wore in the 80's! Too funny now! :)

    Have fun tomorrow!

  2. Haha, at my school we didn't have these kind of parties! Have fun in your 80's day too!

  3. What a fun party!! Love the wig!


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