Trying Something New

Tonight, I began working on Jessica's hat. She didn't want a flower pin, but I wanted a beanie that still looked feminine. I decided that I would make that floral slouch beret for her, but after I made the center flower, it occurred to me that as long as I could obtain 55 dcs, I could use the middle and bottom portions of just about any beanie pattern. So, I fiddled with it a little, took out a little and finally came up with this floral beanie hat.

In case you've forgotten the floral slouch beret, it's this hat I made for myself earlier this spring:

Remember the Sherbet Beret?

And now here's Jessica's hat. It's really the same blue as Yovani's Guatemala beanie, but the glare from my camera (since I'm taking this picture at night) has made the blue look a tad different.


  1. Now I understand what you meant with merging some patterns. Nicely done!

  2. Your last two hats are going to be dearly loved! I think Jessica is really going to love hers. I would!

    How much longer till school is out?

  3. what a great idea!! you've inspired me to do something similar, but instead of a beanie, to make it a brimmed summer style hat. Looks great!

  4. Hi Libby:

    love the hates! that is so nice you made a hat for your student that represented his country.

    I just took the quiz to see which Austen heroine I am and it would be Elizabeth Bennet.

    Not sure if you read my latest post but I am back home in boston, my dad was misbehaving to put it lightly so I called Tom and had him change my flight and I came home early.

    Anyway on a crochet note...I finished 3 1/2 of them I have to rip because it came out to big...but that's ok that is how you learn.
    I have to try making one of your slouchy hats I believe I have the pattern.....didn't you post it at one time?


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