A Real Knit Project

My first real knit project is a very basic dishcloth. When I say basic, I mean that it is just one stitch - the knit/garter stitch. I'm using a ball of cotton yarn that I only used a little of it to finish another crocheted dish towel earlier. My goal is to use the entire roll (what's left of it) to make this dishcloth. I plan to give it to my mom. Maybe she'll hang it on the refrigerator, you know like what you do when you have kids. She (my mom) seems to think that the dishcloths that people make are too pretty to use. I'll try to change her mind. :-)

Anyways, since it's Monday, I have to cook a new meal and be in the kitchen for a while. Afterwards, I hope to have time and energy to continue working on this dishcloth. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. Aw, come on you are doing great!!!! I guess at the rate you are going, your mom is getting that dish cloth sometime tomorrow morning? :D

  2. lucky mom!
    I'm sure you will find time to finish it.

  3. Lib I was in Barnes and Noble Bookstore today...and of course the first place I went to was the crochet and knitting books...I was so tempted to buy the A-Z knitting book because I want to learn to knit...a woman and I started chatting about knitting and she told me that circular are so much easier to work with that she uses nothing but. Thought I would pass that along.

    Your doing good with the knitting ....I am so frugal that I could only let myself buy one book today which was a book I needed. I will shop online for a used knit a-z book.

  4. Are circular easier? I bought them time ago because I thought they were, but I'm not using them at all. I'll give them a try -again!

    I like your dishcloth, hope your mom is using it ;-)

  5. G, thanks for the info about the knitting book. I looked online and they also have an a-z crochet book. I bookmarked both, but like you, I'll have to wait to purchase those.

    I never knew circular would be easier. I'll try that in the future, and then I'll let you know. Or maybe Alhana will let us both know since she already has some circular needles. :-) hint hint

  6. Libby,
    I don't really have that much yarn, I try to use what I have before buying more. I usually buy the yarn if I have a project in mind.
    Anyways, my yarn is a laundry basket and my crochet thread in a different (and smaller basket).
    I'll take a picture of it sometime.
    Since I don't have much, they are not organized by color or anything like that.
    My finished projects are in a big rubber maid container.


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