Preparing for Yet Another Fresh Start

for·age (fôrj, fr-)

According to the Free Dictionary by Farlex:

v. for·aged, for·ag·ing, for·ag·es
1. To wander in search of food or provisions.
2. To make a raid, as for food: soldiers foraging near an abandoned farm.
3. To conduct a search; rummage.
1. To collect forage from; strip of food or supplies: troops who were foraging the countryside.
2. Informal To obtain by foraging: foraged a snack from the refrigerator.

So, thanks to cauchy09, I learned a new word and have been inspired to continue this drastic course of action. I am...purging my kitchen. No, I'm not throwing things out, I'm just trying very hard to cook creatively so that I will have used up all that I have, including the pantry.

Why? Because I want to try something new, but I don't want to waste anything. I grew up in a household that believed in having deep freezers. My parents always stocked up with sale items, but often we had to throw out or boil down meats (and give to the animals) because the food at the bottom of the freezer was forgotten. I have a coworker who will not buy any more food than what can be held in her top freezer and refrigerator. They just have to eat everything down before buying anything new.

I have an idea of the style of kitchen and food items I'd like to have but what I have now doesn't really "match" so I have to purge and plan. Plus, with the upcoming summer months, I hope to be able to eat more fresh foods. That will lend itself to new and better ways to cook.

So, in an effort to purge my small deep freezer, I prepared a chicken (one of the two that was in there). Thanks to Andry, I have a new recipe in my stash! (I get tired of eating the same taste; that's why I try so many new recipes and culinary styles.)

Roasted Chicken

Season the chicken with inside and out with salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, and fresh garlic. Make sure to place garlic under the skin of the chicken and in the cavity. While in the baking dish, placed sliced baking potatoes around the chicken. Then add a little water and vinegar. I also sprinkled some more of the cumin and paprika on the potatoes. Place pats of butter on the chicken and allow this to marinate. (I prepared my chicken last night and baked it this evening.)

When you're ready to cook the chicken, place it in a preheated 400 degree oven and bake, covered, for about 40-45 minutes. Then remove the aluminum foil and bake uncovered so that the chicken can brown. If necessary, broil the chicken to ensure browning.



  1. For 15 years I've tried to use everything in my home that I've already bought. So far I've failed. Either I get sick and tired of cooking or what's left just doesn't go together. Let me know how this works for you.


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