Play Ball!

This evening I had the opportunity to attend one of my student's little league softball games. I was excited to attend this event because I still have the zoom lens I borrowed and now I would be able to see how it handled itself out in the open field. The last time I used it, I was in a small room and it really wasn't the best lens for the situation. When I got to the game, I just blended in (or so I thought). Everyone looked friendly enough.

I should not have been surprised though at the "attention" I was getting by carrying this camera with this particular lens on it. I mean, it's obvious that I was being obvious. All of a sudden I started feeling a little self-conscious. Do these parents think I'm a stalker taking pictures of their kids? In only a matter of minutes I received my answer.

"Doodle, you might be in the paper," one man said to the girl I came to watch. The paper! He thought I was with the Daily Journal. WOW! You see what a little larger camera will do. Then I explained that I was her teacher just taking some photos to hang on the brag board. I moved to the other side. The next thing I know, a long-bearded man from the opponent's team whispered, "There used to be a lady who took pictures at the games. She would take pictures of all the kids doing something, have the pictures printed and ready by the next game. She doesn't do that anymore, but you might want to consider it. My daughter's the one pitching now." (Hint Hint).

You know that did get me to thinking too. Then this lady came up to me and asked if I could get her kid (#14) in a picture since I was already taking pictures of Doodle. What is this? I asked myself. Is this some kind of untapped market? Then I thought, you know, people want pictures of their kids especially doing something positive, and not all people are going to invest in a camera and be bold enough to walk up to the fence or field and take shots.


Doodle's team won. They didn't finish the game because they consider the feelings of the other team and if there is no chance of them winning, the game is called before the last inning. How sweet!


  1. Any lens over 50mm frustrates me in a tiny room unless you're trying to get super close shots.


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