Mother's Day 2009

My mom has never been one really prone to traditions as such, or maybe that she didn't feel the need to celebrate in the way that others traditionally do. I'm not real sure, but I noticed that as we approached this particular Mother's Day she has been getting a little giddy. Maybe because she was able to go see her mom on yesterday. My mom and brother and one of her sisters gave my grandma a Mother's Day cookout yesterday. I think as my mom gets older, she just really likes any opportunity to see her mom.

My mom, dad, and I ate dinner together. (My brother is now back in school in another state and usually only comes home for Christmas break.) I left the card for my mom in her place setting and I placed the small gift bag on one of those pointed pieces (forgive me for not knowing furniture terminology) on the back of her chair. She opened the card and said, "It sounds like you wrote this card and not the company. Did you send them a special message about this?" Ha! Nope, it's just takes time to find the card that says what you really mean. Plus, I always write more messages in my cards. (I learned that from my mom.)

We were eating dinner and at some point I said, "Mom, you're leaning on your gift." She was in shock because she hadn't noticed. I made sure she knew it was something small. She was pleasantly surprised with the dishcloth and the chocolate covered pretzels. I told her that it was my first knitted piece and I was giving it to her. I wish you all could have seen her face. She said, "Is that the thing you do with those two things?" "Yes," I replied. Then there was a pause before she stated, "I didn't know you could knit!" Well, Mom, surprise, surprise! :-D

She told me to tell you all that she will in fact use this dishcloth. She said, "I'm going to wash it and then try it out. I can't wait to see how it feels." So now that she's made it public, I will let you know if she really uses it or not. I have a strong feeling that she will.

I hope all you had a wonderful day today and that all of you who are mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day.


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