Misty Wears a Dude Hat

Today I finished up McLean's hat. It was the first beanie pattern I used for a head size larger than 20". I knew I should have been able to modify the patterns I use to fit a 23" head, but I didn't really know how and I didn't feel like messing with it at the time, so I searched high and low for a pattern already for a 23" head. Now that I've made this one, I think I see where I need to increase the crown size in the other beanie patterns to accommodate the larger head circumference. Maybe later, right? :-)

Here's McLean's beanie:

"I can't see!" cries Misty.

Well, one more down, still a few more to go....


  1. I like the ribs in that one, very nice.

  2. Increasing and adapting patterns is easier than it looks. How many beanies to go? ;-)

  3. 5 more beanies to go and then the other odd requests....I've already started on Michael's (the other 23 incher). :-)


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