Learning to Knit

I stayed indoors mostly today, still trying to get over the allergy/sinus/cold bug that I've got going on. In the wee hours of this morning, when I couldn't sleep, I decided to grab that knit kit I bought such a long time ago and try to really learn to knit. I worked on a couple of rows that took forever to make and then finally I was sleepy again. Later today, I picked up the needles and got going again. I have 10 knitted rows and I don't know how many rows of stockinette stitches. I'm still not sure how you count those.

Here I am trying to cast off the last couple of stitches (while balancing my camera under my chin to get this shot).
Here is my completed sample piece.

Even though this knitting process appears to be unbelievably slow (in comparison to crocheting - I could have made a blanket or something in the length of time to make this sample piece), I think that I could enjoy making some things using knitting. One customer in Michael's told me to practice making dish cloths then move on to other things after I am really comfortable with the stitches. We'll see. Hey, maybe I need to hang out with CT's craftilicious family for a while to get some tips!


  1. Wow...your good at balancing that camera! Everyone tells me that crochet is so much quicker than knitting that I am reluctant to learn.

    For the sinus/cold/allergy....If you want to feel better you need to put 1/2 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar in your humiderfier(providing you have one). Take allergy medicine every 4 hours without missing a dose and don't go over the four hours. If your really stuffed up boil some water and then transfer it into a plugged sink and add cup of vinegar and put a towel over your head and breathe in ...it will help clean out your sinuses.

    Hope your feel better.

  2. I agree with Gloeia, you're good at balancing that camera!
    I'm sorry to hear that you don't feel that dood, I hope you get better soon.

  3. Well... I can say that I was a VERY slow knitter at the start, but as with everything, you get faster as you practice more. It is true that certain projects are quicker in crochet, BUT...

    If you knit the same project, chances are you use less yarn... so there's a plus to each craft. I like both, and tend to mix them a lot. It is great that you are learning to knit!

  4. BUT: while on a cold, EVERYTHING takes longer!!! so who knows, perhaps you are a super fast knitter and you have been impairedby illness! take care and drink lots of fluids...

  5. Good work! I try to knit once a year but I'm very slow and bad, and always go back to crochet... I think you'll be knitting socks soon, while I'll be still trying to feel comfortable with the knitting needles!

    Take care :-)

  6. I found you by cruising on Ravelry and enjoyed your knitting adventures! Although I haven't been crocheting as long as you, I find it to be quick and much easier to learn than knitting. I first knitted scarves for my kids for Christmas last year and was pleased they turned out as well as they did!! I learned one stitch, the knit, and just followed it through for 5 feet or so. Great practice I'm sure! I chose a most diffficult yarn for these projects, the wild, fuzzy stuff which turned out to be a great choice because the hairy fuzz hid my mistakes! I am encouraged by your first efforts, as I am trying to be a better knitter, I have started a washcloth 4 times now only to frog each attempt. I am at the mercy of You Tube videos, and hope to find a class in my town. Currently, I am working on a fairly easy checkerboard number and am halfway done!! Anyway, I enjoy your blog and look forward to following your projects!


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