Jonei's "Amelia" Hat

"Amelia" because that's the pattern I used. Jonei because that's the girl the hat is for.

So, last night after finishing watching Grey's on the internet, I turned on the real t.v. for what I thought might just be for a few minutes because I was feeling drained. My mistake was crocheting a new pattern for those few minutes. I couldn't find a good stopping place until the beanie was made. Then I figured that I might as well make the flower. So I did.

The flower will be a pin but for now it's held in place by my tapestry needle. When I finish all the hats, I'll go back and weave in the ends and sew pin backs to the flowers.

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. I really like this one, maybe because it's so girlish but I think both the pink yarn and the big flower -and even the name of the pattern!- are very beautiful.

    Will you be taking/posting pics of your happy students when they receive their gifts?

  2. Really cute hat, I do that too, think I am going to go to bed early, and I just keep crocheting


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