Gift Card It!

Today I went gift carding. What I mean is that I spent the day in the neighboring county using the gift cards that I have been given over the course of the year. It was so much fun!

First Stop:
There I was able to "purchase" a microphone/headset that I can use to chat online. I recently created a Skype account, especially since my cousin Joey is playing basketball overseas in Australia (the Rockingham Flames) and one of my classmates has moved to South Korea. They both Skype. I only had to pay $7.00 to cover the difference.

Second Stop:
Waldenbooks/Borders sent me a coupon this week in my email for 25% off one item. So, coupled with the coupon and the gift card, I was able to purchase a book for myself and one for a little girl in my church who just turned 7 years old on Thursday. This is the book that I "purchased" for myself:I had this book bookmarked on Amazon for a future purchase, so I was glad that the bookstore had only one copy left. I didn't end up spending any of my own money in there, and...both of the sales clerks were crafters so they were telling of other books and about their knitting projects.

Third Stop:
Remember the gift card my students gave me? Well, with this card I was able to get all the yarn I need to finish the gifts I'm making them for the end of the year. Because I couldn't resist those two pieces of chocolates at the register, I end up paying $1.16.

After making a quick stop to Harris Teeter, I came home. I still have a Lowe's card with a little on it from last school year, but I'm going to have to think creatively for that one.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Wow a day of shopping for less than $10 dollars. Sounds like you had a great day.

  2. I love gift cards and cupons
    Let me know how much you like that book, that's something I'd like to have.

  3. I never went cupon shopping, here only big clothes shops have them and I'm not interested in those. And the bookshop had crafting books! Oh, you're so lucky :-D

    I also purchased a headset with micro to use Skype not long ago. It rocks!

  4. ARen't gift cards wonderful! I love getting things I like and it doesn't cost me a thing. What a wonderful day!


  5. I'm going to make the yellow cake with pecans today to bring ovr to my mother-in-law. we are having dinner there. :o)
    I'll let you know how it goes - I'm excited!!!
    by the way, I love skype!!! I use it to make calls to Brazil all the time.

  6. I really like the Happy Hooker book, I have made a few items from that book!


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