Friday Highlights

So, this week was National Teacher's Appreciation Week. I will say that I was treated like royalty in many aspects this week, which is rare in my profession at times. But out of all that transpired and all of the "treats" I wanted to share with you some of the things that the kids gave/did for me:

1. Made me a bouquet of tulips.

2. Gave me a gift card to....Michael's! (They sure are observant and sneaky.) :-)

3. Gave me a card, a poster, and even a report card!

4. Made me a collection of rocks. You know, the kind with inscriptions on it.

5. And then, gave me a huge HUG. I was swallowed up in the middle. :-) I couldn't get a picture of that.

To read the real transcription of today's events, click here.

So, let's just say I was a happy camper today, and was reminded how grateful I am for this bunch.

Therefore, I came home and finished my second knit project that I started on yesterday - a pocket purse.

I really think that I'm going to like knitting. I have a loonnng ways to go, but I will tell you that yesterday I learned the other way to cast on by watching a video on YouTube. The one where you use just one needle. That, is my favorite so far. With the dishcloth I used the two needle method and it left my foundation row all bumpy.

Have a great weekend. :-)


  1. oh my goodness, your kids are wonderful, you are so blessed!
    well, they are blessed to have you as their teacher aswell.
    I love the way you edited your pictures, they look very nice.

  2. That "Drum roll" on the report card (I guess) made me laugh!

    Blessed lucky teacher! Congratulations :-)

  3. Nice to be appreciated and rewarding as a teacher. That is a very nice pic. of U, and love the knit purse. I found a knit group right at my local library so I decided to teach myself a few basics and then show up at the group and hope I can learn from the woman who are experienced.

    Have a great weekend, got to run I am sneaky on the laptop after I promised myself no laptop for the weekend.
    Coffee's ready and it smells good...Italian Coffee..Mmmm!


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