First Knit, Complete

Well, folks. The dishcloth is now complete. This was an interesting experience, and I look forward to more small projects to practice. I'll give this dishcloth to my mom on Mother's Day.


  1. Mother's Day was last May 3rd (1st Sunday) here in Spain. When do you celebrate it?

  2. Here, Mother's Day is always the 2nd Sunday in May, so it's May 10th.

  3. cool!!!
    I knew you were going to have this fininshed in no time!
    Happy Mother-s Day to your mom!

  4. hehehehe! Mother's day in Mexico will also be this next sunday, but here it is ALWAYS on May 10th. Father's day is the third sunday of June, though!

    It turned out so nice!!!! your mom will love it!

  5. Love the dish cloth! Keep inspiring me to learn to knit...!

    I would roll the dish cloth and dress it with a yellow ribbion with a pretty gift tag attach it to a bottle of eco friendly, fragrance free dish soap!

    Just a thought!


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