Eye Candy...Isn't it Delicious?

Ok, so today at work, ANOTHER coworker said, "I have a surprise for you. I've been to Alabama..." That could have only meant one thing - she brought back yarn.

You see, this other coworker has a sister who lives in Alabama. Somehow there was a mishap with a yarn truck and the company wasn't able to sell the yarns, so she has had this major stash for years now. My coworker had told me earlier that if she could bring some back for me she would. That was a long time ago and I really hadn't thought of it since, until today.

So I introduce to you my eye candy and I ask you, isn't it delicious?!

This has to be a sign for me to get my Etsy shop truly ready.


  1. Oh girl, you are so lucky!!!
    And yes, you should start your etsy shop!

  2. oh my goodness!! How lucky are you?!?! Jealous! =-)

  3. Enjoy your newly found treasure.

  4. You lucky girl! To think of all the wonderful things you can make and sell on Etsy. FAB!!!


  5. Ohh I like the golden/green one that is labeled 'Silky'. Delicious indeed!! :-D

  6. My mouth is watering ! Thanks for the link for the hat I have it half done.

  7. looks yummy, you will have to make some shrugs from Happy Hooker and start your Etsy store.


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