Ease on Down the Road

So, I was on my way to a meeting yesterday afternoon, after the beginning of a rain shower, and I could not believe what I was seeing in the road. Could it be a super huge turtle? Yes, it was. I knew I only had a few moments and I wasn't particular about standing in the road, but I had to get some kind of shot of this creature.

I parked my car, threw my jacket over my head to shield myself and my little camera from the rain, crossed the street and snapped a quick shot. By then, another passerby stopped by and tried to help shoe the turtle out of the road.

It all happened so quickly after that moment. A man blew his horn to hurry another car by, whisked his truck around and got that huge snapping turtle to crawl into his bucket never to be seen alive again - I'm sure. The first passerby to stop starting crying, I took one last shot (with my camera) and felt a twinge of remorse for that turtle.

I guess now s/he will become turtle soup.


  1. I'd like to think the turtle is going to a nice home and not becoming someone's food :-/

  2. hehe! Way back when, I used to stop, pick turtles up from the road and take them home... until my brothers complained of the stench!

    Those turtle poop SMELL!!!

  3. I can honestly say I have never seen a turtle alongside the road. We tend to miss out of that sort of thing where I live (about 30 minutes from LA) but my town is surrounded by hills so occasionally we see coyotes, mountain lions, deer, squirrels and tons of lizards and rabbits. Thankfully, I've yet to see a wild snake **cross fingers**

  4. Ashley, I've seen everything you mentioned EXCEPT coyotes and mountain lions. East coast vs. West coast. :-)

  5. Wow Libby that's one ugly turtle. I've seen all kinds but never one like that. I often see them a lot here in the south, but I never have my camera with me. Look like he was in a be hurry for a turtle. LOL

  6. You're right, Frank, this turtle really wasn't all cute, but I was so glad to get some sort of shot of him/her. I always carry that pocket p/s camera just in case. My "real" camera would take too long to set up to catch a rare moment like this. I'm not a professional like some I know. lol


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