Bitter Sweet

One of my coworker's mother-in-law is suffering from Alzheimer's. Apparently she is in a latter stage of it because now she does not recognize anyone and she only responds with this same sound, no matter what the question or statement. It is quite sad. This woman, from what I hear was a fabulous crafter. There was not a craft that she didn't do, so as a result her house is filled with all of these things. Now my co-worker will be returning to Brazil to spend the summer with her daddy and she wants to go ahead and clean out some of her mother-in-law's craft things because she and her husband live in his momma's house and there is not room for their personal things, due to his momma's stash. coworker's husband told me to come over and take anything that I would like and as much as I would like. It feels sort of strange to me, but I'm going to believe that his momma would want someone to use her things that would appreciate it.

I am supposed to stop by next week and look at what is there. Thankfully my coworker and her husband have already spent many hours sorting through the materials and placing them in storage bins. I will let you know how this turns out. And I think I can safely safe, I don't think I should buy any yarn for a while.

Remember that nursery rhyme, "There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe"?

Well, I don't want to hear,

There was this girl, Libby, who lived in a shoe
She had so much yarn, she didn't know what to do!

Then, they really will call me an old maid! (Seriously, that's not even funny anymore.) :-|

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  1. Okay, I was laughing at the last bit Libby! At least it would be the cutest little shoe you have ever seen. :) Didn't make it any better did it? Sorry. :)

    I just hope that one day I don't end up with "Al" visiting me. I joke now sometimes when I forget something I had been thinking about 2 mins before. It's sad. I worked at an assisted living place before and it's very sad to see someone be taken away by Alzheimer's. Cross your fingers.

    What's up with staying up so late young lady and you have to get up early in the morning? Sorry couldn't resist! :)

    Have a great day!

  2. I didn't know the rhyme but I'm also called an old maid too. My mother's friends are very surprised because I like crafts and that's oh! so old fashioned.

    It's always sad to hear about Alzheimer's patients. Nowadays everybody knows somebody who is suffering from it. We need to be strong and I hope your coworker and her family are coping with it.

    Don't forget to take pics of what you choose from the lady's treasured things. Hugs :-)

  3. @ Kar - I couldn't sleep and I paid for it today at work... :-| I'm going to take a nap now.

  4. LOL! One of my friends calls me "Grandma" ("abue" actually, in spanish) because she cannot understand my spending my few free moments either knitting, crocheting, embroidering or reading...

    Oh and also because I married at the ripe old age of.... 27. :P She's 17, so I believe she really thinks that was old!!!!

    So maybe I'm a former old maid?


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