Another Pleasant Surprise....Oh, Joy!

Today, after a really intense day, my other crochet newbie student came up to me at the end of the day and showed me her first FO! Yes, folks, she has made her first scarf!!! And guess what she's going to do with it? (Jeopardy theme song plays here.) She is going to give it to her baby cousin for Christmas. She told me how her aunt made her a gift when she was a baby and how her family gets started on their Christmas gifts a little early. That's why she's starting early too. In fact, she's working on the next scarf for the baby cousin's sister. Then she said she plans to do a lot this summer and make her mom something too.

There are lots of positives here. First, her mom, who has known how to crochet for many years but just kind of quit, has started back crocheting...and this time, with her kid. Second, both my student and her mom are lefties and my student's mom is really a better help to her than I was. Everything looked upside down or backwards to me. Some sort of awkward hand motions there. My student said today that her mom started a scarf and then my student watched her mom make the same stitch before working on hers. Then her mom became the observer and made necessary corrections in the work. Isn't it amazing!

And now I present to you - the scarf.

p.s. After the kids clapped for her, another student asked if I could come by the house and teach crocheting on Saturday! I tell you, this town needs some sort of enrichment program for things like this. Until then, I'll keep pushing 4-H. It's such a great concept.


  1. Isn't it great?! Who is happier, you having those amazing kids as students, or they having such a wonderful teacher? ;-)

  2. how wonderful!!!
    it's so nice to see those kids interested on something else than playing video games!

  3. I'm so proud of her Libby! Give her a hug from me. Very nice job on the scarf. I get tickled when I see "little" ones taking up the whole yarn thing. Awesome!


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