You Might Not Believe This, But....

I made a dishcloth for one of my coworkers during my break today. No, I don't have the picture to prove it. I didn't bring my little camera and I couldn't figure out how to use the camera on this fancy phone I got coerced into buying a few months back. Once I got home, I figured out how to use the camera phone, BUT, I had already given the dishcloth away. My coworker is testing the cloth to see how well it does with water absorption, cleansing, etc. After all, no need to make a bundle of these things and they aren't that great for washing dishes! lol

I used cotton of course. The body of the dishcloth was made from hdcs. I made the body in a sunshiny yellow, and then did the two rounds of edging in some of the left over hot pink from my mystery project that you all have decided was a bag. The first round consisted of hdcs, but the second round was a series of scs in the back loop. The final product was a little more than 6 inches square. I put the dishcloth in a cute little Easter bunny paper bag and sent one of the kids to give it to her. She was all smiles, so that made me smile as well!

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