Who Knew?

Who knew my April swap partner would contact me today? Who knew that she would have purple as her favorite color? Who knew that she would be so extremely talented? Well, she is. Who knew a new yarn store would open up in her neighborhood in NY? Who knew?

I can't wait to swap with her. And I'm glad that the lavender scarf that I made in advance will actually be appropriate because it's her favorite color!!! I had already prepared my swap box, but after "meeting" her I realized I needed to take one thing out - the chocolate kisses. In it's place I put in a box of herbal tea - since that's her pleasure.

Skinny scarf, 2 skeins of yarn, assorted teas, Easter bunny dish cloth,
note cards, recipe cards, and sticky notes = $12 (that was the price range we had, so I went bargain shopping!)

When I receive my swap items, I will post a picture for you all to see.



  1. you're a fun person, she's lucky to have you as a swap partner.
    I was never lucky in any swaps I participated... LOL
    I'm on ralvery now and I've added you as a friend there.

  2. I've never made one of those swaps, looks interesting. Let's see what you get (and I don't like chocolates either! it's difficult to find people who don't like it)

    Have a nice day :-)

  3. How fun!!! Looks like it will be a fun swap. I couldn't imagine not having chocolate around to nibble on. Have fun with getting things together to be sent out. Can't wait to see your pics to see what you get. :)

  4. LOL! that looks like a nice bundle!!! I've never made a swap, either, but it looks fun.

    (she does not like chocolate? gasp!)


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