What a Pleasant Surprise!

You know how it is when you're busy or super focused on the main task at hand and a kid tries to ask you a question (seemingly unrelated) or engage you in a different conversation and you put them off and in the end you wished you had spared a moment to listen better? Well, I must admit that I do that sometimes. Not with my own kids, because I don't have any, but with students sometimes. I'm mid-sentence or trying to quickly transition from one subject to the next, knowing that my time is running out for the day, and a kid asks me about something cool they saw or if I've seen some new movie. ???

Yesterday, one of my students asked me if I had made any more crochet projects. But of course, I was juggling a hand full of papers and thinking of the next subject, so I replied quickly, "Yes, but I don't have time to talk about that right now." Well, this was one of the two students who had begun taking an interest in crocheting and I felt kinda bad for not listening or at least telling her we could talk about it later and actually doing it. Today, I noticed that this same student had a cute bag draped on her shoulders. "Did you make this?" I asked. "Yes," she replied. Was this the same project she was working under her desk during her "free" time? Why of course, it was! No written pattern, just her own imagination. I'm glad that recently her grandma finally showed her how to stop making the chain stitch and turn her work - thank goodness because she had a really loooonnng chain stitch and was supposedly making a blanket! LOL

At any rate, I just had to show you her little bag. She really shows great promise.

Check out this purse made by an 11-year old!
Look at that flap.

It is my belief that if every kid could find an outlet such as this, it would be great. Even though I believe that we are social beings, it's nice to have a talent/craft that you can do independently. Kids face so many pressures today and if crocheting can help them find a productive outlet, so be it!


  1. Yes, I agree she did a great job and it is a great hobbie for kids to learn. Learn to crochet or any hobbie that give an individual result is so good for the self-esteem.
    I know all about brushing people off when your time is limited...I do it to the hubster when I am crocheting ...I have only so much time to devote to crocheting so when he tries to talk I smile and nodd and he knows that means I am not really listen. I have to be careful because I am not listening and I have promised him things.

  2. very nice, your student did a great job!
    I also learned to crochet with my grandma when I was a little kid and have never stopped, I hope your student enjoys it as much as I do!

  3. WOW!!! Please tell your student that she did a wonderful job on her bag! Big hugs to her! I just love it when kids take the initiative to learn new things. You obviously played a role in that Libby with all your talk of your projects with the kids. AWESOME!!! I just want to give her a hug myself. Very proud of her. :D

    Em said to tell you thank you for the book suggestion. We went online to look and see if our library has copy. They do! She had me add that book to her list of books on the library site that she wants to read. Quite a few on there. She's big reader. When she was going to public school, she completed enough books to get over 250 points in the AR reading program. That's why we go to the library so much. Her habit could get very expensive! :) At least it is a good habit. Lil' sis seems to be taking a liking to that habit also. :)


  4. Wow, she did a great job, you must be so proud of her :-)

  5. A very pretty bag and a clever 11 yr old. I have been teaching Isabel to knit, it is a slow process but she has managed to get the basics bless her. Painful to watch though and my fingers itch to help her, but it is important that she do it herself. Have A great weekend. Dev x


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