The Sweetest Little Thing

This evening I went to get my oil changed in my car. While I waited, I decided to work on a granny square for a bag. It was sort of difficult because I didn't want anything to touch the floor. No stains. No stains. Anyways, people came and left, but finally a little old lady sat down beside me, all out of breath from walking from one end of Wal-Mart to the other. Now she was just waiting for her tires to be rotated.

She inquired about my project, so I showed her what I was working on. She seemed so interested so I asked, "Do you crochet?" "No," she replied, "but I do Swedish embroidery on monk's cloth." I don't embroider, but I definitely had never heard of this. It sounded tedious. She went on to explain how she'd been doing this for years and how she makes these baby afghans and some adult ones too. Currently, she's working on a project for her new pastor at her church. She said she managed to find out the colors in their living room, so she was able to match the yarns to that. Fascinating!

I really enjoyed listening to her stories and projects. And then, she told me her name, and told me to call the Sr. Citizen's Center in one area of town and they would relay any messages to her. She wants me to stop by the center so that I can see some of her projects. WOW! I told her that I would love to learn to knit in the summer time. Her reply was that they didn't have enough people to come to the knitting class there, so it was canceled. However, I was more than welcome to come learn how to do Swedish embroidery (because she would teach me) or I could play games there with them.

Can't you just imagine all these elderly people at the center. Some playing games, some crafting, some maybe talking a little "too loud." Ha Ha! Glorious. You know, I might just stop by there one day. I think many elderly people tend to get lonely and we should spend more time with them, learning from them, listening to them. I definitely haven't done enough of that. I used to do volunteer work in one of the wards in the hospital when I was a teenager, but most of my "free" time has been wrapped around kids to the forsaken of the elderly.

If I go, I will definitely let you know. You see what it's like being in a small town! :-)

Have a great weekend everyone,

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  1. I had never heard of that kind of embroidery either... living and learning!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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