Staying Indoors

Today I refused to leave the walls of my home. Yes, I refused to go out. I slept a little later than usual (that was unintentional, but much needed) and then I lounged around...literally. At some point I turned on the t.v. and you know what, I still didn't watch it. I haven't been much for t.v. lately. I think it just provided some background noise. It's a good thing my hair is braided because when I have days like this one, especially consecutive ones, I usually look "to' down!" or as some would say, "a hot mess." lol

Anyways, I basically spent the day crafting. I worked on my crochet bag until I reached the stopping point due to running out of yarn. I rearranged my fabric and pattern stash to prepare for future sewing projects. NO! I'm not going to work on another one of my hobbies because it would make me too scatterrbrained to function. I will patiently wait until one or two subside in my mind before starting the other one. *insert sheepish grin here*

When it came to eating, I did everything I could to not have to really cook, but then the inevitable happened: dinner time. Yes, it was getting around dinner time and I realized that I must eat something "for real" because there weren't any more left over chicken and dumplings and I finished up the Raisin Bran this morning. Since I don't really snack on snack food, meal preparation is essential. So I decided to eat that last piece of tilapia in the freezer, cook some rice, and fix a little onion salad - basically do a recreation of Andry's meal for me on last Friday.

My mom came over to work on her project for this class she's taking at the community college. She's trying to improve her computer skills and me, being her teacher and what not, I like to leave her in the computer room and give her directions from another room. That forces her to do it on her own, but following my oral instructions. When I'm in the room with her, somehow I end up doing her work. But I digress. I shut mom up in the computer room because I didn't want any fish smell getting in there. I could hardly believe myself - frying fish. I've been in my house for about 4 years now and I think I have only fried one thing, not including an egg. I don't fry foods.

Anyways, I tried the fried tilapia made according to the recipe posted a few days ago and I think I really like it. But more importantly, my mom was like, "Oh, this is good!" What???? I figured if it had my mom's approval then I must make this recipe a keeper. lol

Recipe Posted again: here

Now, it's time to call it a day. I'm sipping some hot herbal tea and I'm going to force myself to actually shut down my computer. :-)

Good night!


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