The Square Stands Alone


Spring Break is officially over. Today was the first day back to work. I didn't think that I would get any crafting time in today, and of a truth, I didn't get much in. But some is better than none, right?

Well, I finally got my order in from Joann's this weekend. Remember I was waiting for the yarn to finish my bag and then I bought some look-alike yarn just a few days before the real yarn arrived? I guess I'll have to make a return or exchange later. This is enough neon yarn for me. :-) Anyways, I started making a square. One single square, but it's just one more square closer to the finish line.

Only four more squares to go. Then I can make the straps and one day line this bag. Thanks to deedee for tips on lining my bag.


  1. yes, a little is better than none.
    lately I have been just working a little every day, like today, all I had time to work was one row of my table runner... hehehe

  2. It's really cool how you make these individual squares and then merge them into a final masterpiece. My granny used to make quilts and things but I never saw her make anything as elaborate as your designs. Very cool stuff you've got going here.


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