Spring Break Has Finally Arrived! Yippee!!!

Today I made a flower pin for Misty's cloche. The pattern said that I needed to use two strands of yarn, but you know I didn't. I almost never do, but I realized after the pin was finished that the reason for double-stranding was to make the flower more full, especially in the center. So although the pin is "complete," I'll end up having to make a little bobble in the center and sew it in. That way no one will see the pin attached in the back. For now, poor Misty has to endure two straight pins in her head. Ouch!

Well, my friends, my Spring Break has finally arrived! I've waited for it for so long and needed it for so long and now it's here. The last official break I can remember was the observance of Dr. King's birthday back in January and all of the other workdays were turned into snow make up days and we even had to come on some Saturdays so it has been a long couple of months. I plan to get some much needed rest and I have been challenged to do something especially for me. I won't spill the beans until after the break (plus I need to figure out what it will be), but I look forward to having lunch with one of my friends later "today".

Happy Easter, my friends! :-)


  1. cute, cute hat!
    Yes, I'm finally finding some time to crochet, and do my chores at home, of course it's taking me much longer to finish each project since I have to do little by little, but I can't complain.
    The oreo pops were fun to make, and they're indeed yummy!!!
    Have a great Spring break!

  2. The flower looks very nice on the hat. It will be appreciated. :)

    Have fun on your break. Just kick back and do whatever you want. I know you have deserved it! :)

  3. A cheerful flower for the hat! Cute!
    Happy Easter, Libby!


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