Saturday Crafting

Today I refused to go out of my home. In fact, I still have two large bags of trash that need to be taken to the dump, but I just refused to go out. I'll take them to the dump tomorrow. (Yes, I live outside of the city limits, so there's no Monday trash collecting going on down here. We drive our own trash to the dump.)

I spent some time cleaning this morning, washing dishes, using my favorite kitchen cleanser - Clorox, and cooking. I brought back a piece of red snapper from my fishing field trip, so I cooked that this evening. I still have a piece of salmon, but that will be for tomorrow.

Then I started working on my squares again. I've finally figured out what the other colors are that I need, but I'll have to order them, because there are no local yarn stores here and Wal-Mart doesn't seem to carry the colors I want. So Joann's it is! It seems that Bernat doesn't make the colors I'm looking for in their "hot" line, but I think the "hot" colors made by another yarn company will be sufficient. When I say "hot", I mean that I'm using Bernat's "hot" pink, "hot" blue, "hot" green, and "hot" orange yarns.

I'm through with my squares for tonight, but I wanted to give you a little peek:

Only 10 more to go!


  1. I didn't leave my house either, but that's kinda normal for me lately... LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    **I can't wait for you to finish the squares, I'm crazy to know what you are making!

  2. When I have a day off, the last thingI want to do is get out of my house! lol! it is funny that the name is "hot" blue and "hot" green... kinda like a contradiction, dontchathink? hehehe!

    So... care to give us a little clue as to what you are making? just a tiny one?

  3. Oh the joys of living out of the city. :) I would trade with you.

    The squares are looking FAB!! What are you making? A blankie or a poncho? Hurry please and let us know. hehehe! :)

    Hope your weekend is going well!


  4. Hey Libby! Just had to tell you that by the time I think about taking a picture of the majority of the treats I bake, there really isn't anything left to take a picture of. :)

    As for the new picture on my blog, that is just up north of my house. It's nice to go there and look around at the old dam, that isn't used anymore, and just sit by the bank of the river and listen to the water go over the rocks. I'll have Glenn take some more to share when we start to head further north as the snow melts. You should see the rivers as they turn into rapids from all the snow melt. You really can't swim in them until middle or late summer because they are so COLD!!!! Even then you can't stay in too long before you freeze to death! :)

    Have a great night!!!!


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