Oh, What a Wonderful Morning, Oh, What a Wonderful Day...

First, let me say that I do not like to shop. For clothes, that is. Electronics, yes. Crafting items, yes. Clothes, no. You know when you look in the closet, see a lot in there, but still you keep wearing the same items. That is me. Really, and I'm not joking. When your mom, who is not fashion conscious, says, "How many times are you going to wear that?", you know you need to go shopping. Period.

So, one of my friends so graciously accepted the challenge of helping me out. "We must go out of town; that is a requirement," she said. Today was the day we decided to do that. Today was such a beautiful day out. Even in spite of my draining sinuses, I had a wonderful time.

What I really like about my new friend is her ability to question respectfully. She asked me all these questions about my style of dress, what I would wear, what I would under no circumstances wear, etc. It didn't matter to her the reason for it, it just mattered so that she could help me find things that I would like. I admire that quality. Many others will look at you funny if you say that I don't wear that style or they will try to force you to wear/try on/buy something that they feel really looks good on you, even though your mouth and face are saying, "Didn't you hear me say that I don't like this?" So with that, we were able to cover much territory today.

Clearance rack after clearance rack. Line after line. Store after store. Finally we were able to get a stash of things that I would wear and could match easily with somethings that I purchased today and some that I already owned.

After we did those things, we went to a fabric and crafts store and she helped me pick out some fabric for the lining of a bag I'm working on. It felt so good to be in a real craft and fabric store. The thing is, when you are in a specialty shop such as that, you know that everyone else in there has something in common with you even if you're making different things. Customers give you ideas and encouragement on whatever craft you pursue. And then you walk out of the door, probably not seeing them again, but leaving with a sense of assurance that you can complete your projects successfully. You definitely don't get that when you shop online.

You know one of the places we traveled to was Best Buy, and although it was a temptation to go look at cameras and computers, I resisted, because this time it was for my friend. Her husband entrusted her with the power to purchase the GPS for them! So we looked, asked questions, and found one for a really good price that he (her husband) would appreciate. I know that he will be so excited when he gets off work tonight. She almost opened it to test it out, but I said that that would take away the thrill of opening it for the first time. There's no replacement for that. So she put the device back into the bag.

After we were almost weary, we finally stopped to this grocery store she had been telling me about. This store has a deli that we ordered from. The foods are all Latin American or Caribbean foods. She ordered rice, beef, and batatas with passion fruit juice. I ordered rice, chicken, and pintos with horchata. Then she ordered a plate of fried chicharon for her husband. No longer being able to eat anymore, we shopped (or rather she shopped) for some ingredients that were from her country. This store was amazing because they had some of the same items repeated throughout the store, but they would be from different countries. For example, there would be hominy in the American section, hominy again in the Venezuelan section, and yet again in the Peruvian section. All of the bags would say "hominy" but each would look different depending on how they package it in that country.
I got a joy of just looking at the varities of meats and fruits. I even managed to find a Jamaican section, and purchased some spices that my brother loves, but cannot find anywhere except New York or places like that. I also found him a couple of different kinds of plantain chips. I'm going to surprise him with this package. I sure hope he doesn't read my blog, which I'm sure he doesn't.

It was a really great day, even though by the time we were heading out of the city, I had lost my voice almost completely. Whatever you were doing today, I hope you had a wonderful time. Now I must go and drink my hot tea.



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