Oh, Jane...

Yesterday I decided to go to the public library, and not to check out children's book for a change. :-) My mom was there studying for an upcoming test and while I waited for her, I browsed through the very limited collection of crafting books. I could only find 3 on crochet, so I checked out the two that intrigued me. One is a book on one skein projects and the other is a technique book.

I then decided to look at their movie collection. It's really been so long since I've been to the public library (shame on me, as the daughter of a librarian!), that I didn't realize that you no longer had to rent the movies. I checked out what I thought was the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre. When I got home and ready to craft, relax, and watch a movie, I discovered that the Pride and Prejudice was in a mini-series so I had picked up the first movie on the rack and it ended up being part II, so that would do me no good. I had just assumed they were multiple copies of the same movie. Well, Jane Eyre it was then. And it was such a lovely choice.

I've read the book Jane Eyre quite some time ago, but I don't remember ever having the chance to watch the movie. It was good. While watching, I made a crochet dish sponge. I know I must have misinterpreted a stitch somewhere at the beginning because my sponge doesn't make that braid on the sides, but oh well. Then I started on a hat with a flower center. Both of these patterns were in my queue on Ravelry. I haven't finished the hat yet, but I'm sure to finish it today. It's an easy pattern. The only term I had to look up was "dcdec" to see how to do that. Again a very interesting design.

Now I just need to get that collection of Pride and Prejudice I suppose, so I can see that version. I've seen the Keira Knightley one many, many times. Hey, has anyone seen Bride and Prejudice? It's the Bollywood Indian version. I like that one too!


  1. Lucky you! There aren't crafting books in our libraries!

    What version of Jane Eyre did you rent? About Pride & Prejudice, I think I've watched all of them *Janeite speaking here*. The Bollywood one is amusing (No Life Without Wife, Mr. Kolli!), but the one with Colin Firth is the best, no doubt about that :-D

  2. There aren't that many in ours. I saw where some people on Flickr where showing pages from books checked out from the library and I thought I'd give it a try, you know, instead of always looking online. But I see the selection is so limited that I'll have to continue to look online.

    The Jane Eyre was the 1997 production with Samantha Morton.

  3. Oh, we watched that version long ago in t.v. and we liked it. I wanted to buy it for my mother but it seems it's not available in Spain.

  4. I've never watched any of those movies...
    The hat with the flower motif looks pretty cool, I really like it.

  5. Glad you enjoyed your movie day. I just saw the Jane Eyre movie a couple months ago with my Mom when she came for a visit. We enjoyed it. I need to see it again, since we talked through half of it. Cute crochet project. Hope you had a good Easter! Liz

  6. Movies....you don't say......well it would be that movies are a hobbie of the hubbies...he is addicted collecting in a similar way that we are addicted to creating by means of yarn. We must have 2000 movies and because he has taken up so much space in our house with this hobbie he bought this thing/hard drive that you plug into your TV and he is now in the process of coverting the dvds onto this hard drive...once that is done we will never have the need for a dvd/cd...it actually pretty cool....and it also will hold music cds so he plans to covert them as well...not to mention he is building shelves for my bins of yarn..!

    Hope you enjoyed your Spring Break........and you reminded me that I need to get to the library....they cut the hours due to budget...I think I will scream if I hear the word budget cuts one more time........!!!!

  7. I love looking at the library for books. I must say that most times I get online to our library's site and look to see if they have what I'm looking for and put it on hold for me to pick up. I can get lazy about it. :)

    Love the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice. My favorite!!! I have to check out the Jane Eyre movie though. Have never seen it.

    What a pretty color you are using on the flower hat. Can't wait to see that finished. :)

    What a wonderful swap box you got! Jealous!! You can't go wrong with cotton yarn. I love it! And what a great shopper your swap partner is.



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