Lunch at Andry's

This post is not about crafting, but I told you that I was going to have lunch with one of my friends on yesterday, and the food she prepared was so delicious that I wanted to share it with you on this blog. If you want to know more about the lunch, you'll have to read my other blog.

Here are the dishes that she prepared:

Chupe de Camarones
Shrimp Chowder

Pescado Frito (Tilapia) con Ensalada y Arroz
Fried Tilapia with Salad and Rice

In case you would like the recipe for the tilapia, here it is:
  1. Butterfly the fish fillet so that it is thin and opens out flat.
  2. Season the fish on both sides with a little salt, pepper, and cumin.
  3. Rub mustard on both sides of the fish.
  4. Batter the fish in flour.
  5. Pan fry the fish in a little oil until done on both sides, turning only once in the pan.
That's it! This was my first time having fish battered in flour. I've always used cornmeal for fish, but it did give it a soft texture. The rice is simply jasmine rice, cooked according to the package. The salad is lettuce, tomatoes, radishes and cucumbers, sprinkled with black pepper and lime juice. Needless to say, this meal was very good. I know that I will not make the chupe de camarones for myself because, although it was delicious, it is too time consuming for just one person, but the rest of the meal goes right into my stash of quick and delicious meals!



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