A Little Something for Misty

I liked the pink floral beret that I had to take it off of Misty's head. Now that left her a showing her bare scalp, so I felt obligated to make her a little head covering....so I did.

Last night I made this cap for Misty. I call it the "Sherbet Beret":

*In case you're wondering, Misty is my Styrofoam head's name. I think she at least deserved a name since she helps me out so much, modeling my hats!

Have a good day, everyone! :-D


  1. Girl you are fast!!!! Love the colors you used in the hat for Misty. You are good! :)

  2. Kar took the words right out of my mouth..girl your fast..wow! I know your fast because God even knows your schedule is a busy one. Well I finished my poncho I started on Tuesday and when the hubster gets home I will have him take a pic for me so I can upload and post. Oh..love the hat and the colors.

  3. Misty is a lucky gal!
    Love the colors, very, very nice!

  4. So this one is just for Misty? Aww, lucky foam girl :-D

  5. I'm wondering... is she Misty because of MY STIrofoam head?

  6. CT, you clever girl! I never even thought of that. She just looked like she should be a Misty. :-)


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