A Little More Work

Today, I was able to work a little more on my bag. Last night I had attached the remaining squares, but I didn't attach them into the final bag shape because I wanted to block them, so I did that part this evening. Let me just say that blocking really does make a huge difference. I didn't use a complicated or time-consuming method. I just sprayed water from the iron onto my squares, made sure that the setting on my iron was on steam, and I steam ironed the squares. I could tell a difference instantly. I never heard of blocking until this year. Interesting.

After I blocked the squares, I finished sewing them together into the bag shape, then cut out the fabric for my lining. I seriously thought that I would sew the lining tonight, but I can't remember where I saw that "perfect colored" thread. It was just yesterday that I saw it - in the wrong place. Hum. I'll just take that as a sign that I didn't need to finish the sewing tonight and to get to bed. So, no sewing tonight.

Well, that's all folks. :-)


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