I Understand

In the face of these hard economic times, my coworker friend and I were having a discussion on how many Americans don't know how to really live simply, with few things, and when asked to cut back, we mostly reply, "What could I cut out?" Most people that I meet who are from outside of these borders are able to do that when they come here, but the longer they stay, the more Americanized they become. This way of life is somewhat contagious I guess. :-)

So, my coworker friend mentioned how she noticed that her sister, the crafter, found a job in Hawaii and left bags and bags of her crafting materials behind...ribbons, thread, fabric, etc. She said, (and this is really not a direct quote) "I mean, it's not that she purchased just enough ribbon for one project, but she has all this ribbon because it was 'ON SALE'." What could I do, but hang my head in shame and say, "I understand."


  1. Hi Lib:

    I am laughing right now, just picturing you standing there looking down at the floor mumbling "I understand"! Knowing me and my big mouth I would have piped up and said I take that craft stuff off your hands if your not going to use it!!!

    What am I cooking well check out my cooking blog and you will see.....!

    I understand this young people are going to be in shock when this recession turns into a depression and it will, mark my words.

  2. In response to your comment: "I will take that craft stuff off your hands if your not going to use it!!!"

    I didn't say it, but I sure was thinking it. *insert sheepish grin here*

  3. thank you for sharing that cake recipe with me, I'll try it for sure, I've added it to my favorites.


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