Fishing Trip

Today has been a rather long, but very nice day. Today, the fifth grade classes traveled to Wilmington, NC to explore the USS Battleship. We left a little after 4:00 A.M. to travel to the coast. Once we got there, we spent hours in that ship, in every nook and cranny that we could find. It's fun to watch kids "pretend" they are living on the ship. Some cooked me up the the bread I special "ordered." They even were out to sea and hopped on the bunk beds when it was time to rest. They climbed to the top as far as they could go and went down to the very bottom; some conquering some fears of heights and walking on those grates where you can see down to the next level. I must admit that walking on those things are quite creepy, because as they squeak and you look down you just hope nothing gives way. lol We did all this in spite of the sudden change in the weather from clear, sunny skies to cloudy, rainy weather.

After leaving the Battleship, the kids were overjoyed to go to McDonald's. In the small town where they attend school, there are no chain restaurants - only two local owned ones. We tried to tell the kids to not eat so much at once, but some didn't listen and doing so proved to them to be an error in judgment when we got on the shrimping boat and headed out to sea! It took about 30 minutes to leave the docks, travel through the inlets, and reach the ATLANTIC OCEAN!!! Personally, I don't travel to the beach and I've never been out to sea, so I was apprehensive of this trip at first, but as we got closer to it, and I was prescribed a small Dramamine patch that goes behind your ear, I felt better.

I'm so glad for that patch too, because half of the people that were on the boat got sick once the captain anchored the boat and allowed the kids to fish. Then the horror began, one kid after another. I won't go into further detail. I just kept passing out saltine crackers and said, "Look at the horizon; quit staring at the water moving." (Not like I knew if that helped, but that's what I overheard one of the workers saying as she nibbled on her own cracker.)

Because of the rain, I was unable to get as many of the pictures I anticipated with my main camera, but I did capture some that I liked with my small point and shoot. I didn't mind taking that into the rain so much. One girl caught this huge fish that she was equally proud of and terrified of. She wouldn't even touch it. Just to get a picture with her and her fish, she held up her hands and one of the workers raised the fish over her head and in front of her so that we all could get a picture. It was the funniest sight. Fortunately her fish was large enough to keep - it was a whopper and her teacher brought it back in a cooler. So, if the girl's mom doesn't want this fish, her teacher got a good dinner (for a while). And no, I am not her teacher, but some of my students caught some good fish too. . :-)

I wasn't actually interested in the fishing part for myself, I just wanted the kids to enjoy it and I wanted to take pictures. When we landed back on shore, another teacher and I went to the fish market next door and purchased some fish to take home. Well in my case I purchased two small pieces of fish - a piece of red snapper and a piece of salmon and then got my parents and my neighbors some fresh trout. I have it bagged up here at home now waiting for them to pick it up tonight. It's quite fishy, plus they keep staring. :-)

* I'll post a couple of other pictures that I was able to capture in the next post.


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