A Few More Pictures From the Fishing Trip

Yep, his son caught a small bass, but was afraid to unhook it.
It was a really nice catch, but too small to keep so back into the water it went!
A kid caught a small shark! Boy, that thing fought hard to get loose and finally it did!

This is the Cape Fear Bridge: where the Cape Fear River meets the estuaries.
Two kids caught these grouper fish! They were too scared to take them home and their parents were equally afraid to take them, but FINALLY their teacher convinced the kids/parents to take the fish - the next day. Good eatin'.

* All of these pictures were taken with my point and shoot Fuji Finepix F650.

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  1. I am on schedule to go bass fishing in the morning at 9:30 a.m. I'm not sure if I'm taking my camera or not but looking at these pictures makes me eager to rip the lips off some fish. Excellent close ups, by the way, of capturing the fish.


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