A Day With Mom

Yesterday, my mom and I had the pleasure of spending the day together. Actually, I had an out-of-town appointment and she accompanied me, but before and after the appointment we window-shopped some and visited a few places that we don't get to visit very often, being that these stores are out of town for us. Anyways, we went to Walgreens to pick up some prints I had sent there from Snapfish, we went to Staples, Bed, Bath & Beyond (and no, this store didn't have the Mrs. Meyers products!), but they did have a tier curtain on clearance that had a very similar fabric print to a pillow I made for my wicker love seat. I'll see if the fabric will look okay. A couple of quick stitches and I can turn it in a valance, without making a single cut!

My mom found this wicker seat (which was white) for $3. A friend and I spray painted it, then I covered the seat with upholstery fabric and made two envelope-back pillows. I still need to make a couple of more pillows.
* The picture in the left corner is of the curtain from BB&B and the pillow I made a while ago. Do you think I can get away with a not perfect match?

After that, we stopped by Waldenbooks, Pier 1, and Michael's. I didn't get much from Michael's because they weren't having a sale and I couldn't see myself paying that price for Caron's yarn. I'm trying to finish up these hats for my students and I'm having such a difficult time finding the yarn. I can't find a place to sell yarn for a reasonble price in the colors I need. I mean, can I find some orange pretty please with cherries on top? I did, however, pick up some cotton yarn in colors that appear to be the same as my Bernat Handicrafter yarn that Joann's is holding back from me. (Probably now that I bought these four skeins of Sugar and Cream, when I go to the post office today, Joann's will have sent me what I've been waiting for. lol I just need to make 5 squares.)

After we left the "chain" stores, mom wanted to do a little consignment shopping. We stopped by a place called, "A Little Bit of Couture." It's an amazing store. I found a cute red top, a nice jacket, and a two piece beaded black outfit that would be appropriate for something after 6. I agree with my mom. You have to have something extra in your closet just IN CASE you have to go to a banquet or special dinner. Then you won't have to run ragged looking for something to wear.

Oh, I love this jacket!
Just check out that lining!

And here is the black sparkly two-piece. It sparkles more in person. :-)

The next place we went was to Habitat for Humanity. It's more like a thrift shop. My mom headed straight for the magazines that they sell for $0.10-$0.25, but I headed for the table linens (which I never found) because I saw a craft section. They had fabrics hanging up, bolts of fabrics in bins, vintage patterns which I picked up two, costing me all but $0.22 (tax included). I even saw some manequin busts, but they were male. The sales clerk said they do get female ones so now I'll be on the lookout because I've wanted a manequin or at least a dressmaker's doll for many years now. It's so hard to try hemlines on yourself when you have to keep bending down.

Just $0.22 total! Oh this so cool 70's style. :-)

Anyways, it was really fun with Mom on yesterday. I wish we had more days like that, of course without doctor appointments. :-)


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful day with your mom, that's so nice.
    you're a very good shopper, love the things you bought.

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time with your Mom and got your hands on a few goodies too! Yeah girls!!! :)


  3. I spent the with my mom yesterday and was telling her about this great discount clothes store that I discovered. I love that jacket...you can dress it up or down......I bet it would look great with a nice pair of tailored jeans....!

    The pink slouchy hat looks great....it looks fairly easy to make..was it easy?

    I really have to get on the ball and make some......what pattern did you use?


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