Craft Sunday and Monday (because I can't think of a better title) :-D

A lady in my church has been wanting me to make her a blue hat, but I've been trying to find a pattern that I think would suit her. Finally, last week, Red Heart newsletter sent me a .pdf file to a new beret pattern called the Track Stitch Beret. I finally looked over the pattern yesterday and realized that it was fairly simple. The only new stitches I saw were the sc2tog and tr2tog, but after a quick google search for clarity, I realized that those stitches were easy too. The rest of the hat is just a series of dcs, scs, and trs.

With this hat, you start at the band and work your way up to the center of the hat, then you sew the seam together. The hat turned out really big (or so it seems right now). I've only seen it on my "Misty's" head (the name I've given for my Styrofoam head). The original pattern called for Red Heart's Eco Cotton yarn and I used Supersaver, but it may still work out because the hat is intended to be slouchy.

I also finished up two more of my hot granny squares today. That will be it until my order from Joann's arrives. Although I haven't blocked these squares yet, I've placed them in the way that they will be arranged. Can you figure out now what I'm making?


  1. Love the hat, the design and also the color.
    Is it a bag? That's my guess...

  2. I also think it's a bag, or so it seems ;-)

    Beautiful hat. The x2tog/x3tog/etc stitches are really easy to make, now that you've mastered them you can make lots of projects!

  3. It's a bag!!! I've seen that pattern somewhere before and have thought about making one for myself. You are tricky!

    That hat looks great! I'm sure it will look FAB on the lady at church.



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