Craft Friday Is Here

Yippee! I was able to finish my lesson plans for work BEFORE coming home today, so hopefully this weekend I can get some cleaning up done and more crafting. Grey's Anatomy is one of my favorite shows (well, I must admit, it is my favorite show) but it comes on the wrong night for me, so I either have to record it or watch it online when the episodes are posted. I have been almost a month behind on the episodes and tonight I was able to catch up at least to the one that played last night. I'll check later and see if last night's episode was a rerun or not.

While watching these episodes, I continued working on my special project. I don't know if I mentioned it, but this one will actually be for me this time. I completed one of the squares last night and made a new one today. Then I decided to work on the centers with my color choices so that I won't have to keep switching back and forth between yarn colors.

I still need one more color. I think I'll look online again and see if I can find a yellow. I'm using Bernat's Handicrafter cotton yarn. I just recently heard of "blocking" thanks to Attic24's Hooking and Blocking post, so I know that I will block these squares when I'm finished.


  1. I am also hoping to get some cleaning done this weekend since I'll have my husband helping me with the baby. :o)

  2. Oh they look great! I'm also making progress on my squares, but yours are so bright and fun!

  3. Love your squares Libby! The colors are really pretty together! I loved reading about the field trip you and your class went on. Nothing like the boring trips I went on when in school. I just finished one dress and the other will be worked on later. Off to enjoy the nice weather with the kids (Glenn and the girls). :) Can't wait to see the other color you choose for the squares.



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