A Cloche for Lynnette

A little while ago, a lady at church asked me if I could make her a blue hat. "Sure," I said. I settled on this beret pattern, made it last week and then realized that it was waaaaayyyy too big! I followed the pattern to the "T", but maybe it was my choice of yarn. Sooooo, after church today I told her that I would make her another hat. I decided to make the cloche hat that I had just made in that sweet pea color earlier.

I used the same pattern, but I added one more row of length before starting on the brim. That way I figured the brim would fall a little further down on the head. I didn't make the flower on the side; I just made it plain. I think the flower would make it a little too teen-trendy for her.

I found out that she is coming to church tonight, so I'm excited to be able to give it to her tonight. Well, I better go, or I'll be late!

Chat later. :-)

p.s. I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter today. :-)


  1. I am looking forward to hearing what the lady thought of the hat, I think it's great!
    You're doing such a good job crocheting, it's amazing.

  2. It looks very elegant without the flower too. Hope she liked it!

  3. I gave the hat to Lynnette last night and she really liked it! :-) She lives in a "real" city and comes down to here to go to church so she may even be able to get yarn to make more hats, since there are craft stores where she lives. * I like living in a small city, but times like this when you need supplies can be hard. You have to drive a distance for anything outside of the basics.


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